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March 6, 2011 / thevegmeg

Tour d’Charlotte and Reedy River Run

Yesterday morning Alex and I “ran” our second 5k. I say “ran” because I walked probably 70% of it. I learned something this weekend that should’ve been common sense… Over the past week or two, whenever I’d wear my running shoes (even if I wasn’t running), my ankles and arches would get a little sore over the course of the day. This manifested itself during the race as a shooting, I-really-can’t-do-this pain in both ankles and my left hip within the first mile of the race. Also it was the first time Alex and I ran together but not actually together, which made it mentally hard. AND it was cold and rainy and for some reason there were a ton of strollers to dodge. Not fun (oh…did I mention they spelled my name wrong on my bib?). So I took it super easy and finished in about 48 minutes (chip time). I’ll be using the $10 off purchases of $50 at Fleet Feet coupon on the back of my bib very soon for some new shoes!

After some Starbucks to warm us up, we came home, took a few hours getting cleaned up slowly, and headed up to Charlotte to meet Katie and Stew for an incredibly decadent evening out. We saw some interesting cars on the way up…

And we met the famous Weaz (and Ralphie and Waldo!).

We sampled Stew’s hummus and salsa (too much cilantro…any cilantro is too much cilantro) and had a beer or two.

Then we headed out for wine and chocolate at Petit Philippe. We got their tasting flight for the night (3 Italian reds) and I was the only one who liked the most expensive one best. Whatever guys. We were fascinated by the silt in our glasses…

The “OMG” (salted caramel) chocolate and especially the Earl Grey one were life changing. Get you some.

I had really wanted to try The Cowfish, but they were all booked for the whole night (maybe next time?) so we went for Mexican at Cantina 1511 instead.
I had a blood orange margarita…(and a camera that gets angry in low light)

..and veggie fajitas (way too much food!)

Alex’s…chimichanga? Who even knows?

And finally we rounded out the night with another famous Charlotte place, Amelie’s.

I tried one of each flavor of macaron they had (grape, lemon, and cinnamon sugar, I think?)…and they were stale and kind of gross. I also had a famous salted-caramel brownie, after the OMG chocolate at Petit Philippe got me all excited about salted caramel. It was every bit as good as they say.

When we finally got back to Katie and Stew’s place we were all in calorie-and-not-enough-water comas, so we took a few mint Tums for the road…and then drove home. In the pouring rain. Way too late at night. Not fun. But totally, totally worth it! We’ll be back, guys!

On the agenda for today: water, a smoothie, quality time with Hippo and Achilles, and dinner at my in-laws’!

March 3, 2011 / thevegmeg

Brocc, banana bread….

Battlestar Galactica?

Yesterday I finally roasted some broccoli. I’ve been buying broccoli with the intent to roast it for some time now and somehow it just never happens.

To roast broccoli, chop it up into even sized pieces and toss it with enough olive oil (or oil of your choice) to coat, and some salt and pepper. Spread it out on a flat baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes, until crispy and a little brown, at 425.

Deeeelicious. I had my roasted brocc with roasted red potatoes and some veg baked beans. Perfect comfort lunch.

I’d like to direct your attention to Sweet Tater’s Nicaragua Bakesale! Katie is going on a service/learning trip to Nicaragua very soon and was suddenly unable to afford the full cost of the trip – bloggers to the rescue! You can bid on my vegan chocolate chip banana bread (or a sleepy kitten?), and the rest of the treats that are making me drool, from 10am to 10pm EST on Katie’s blog.

February 27, 2011 / thevegmeg

A week of food…

I’ve been busy out of my mind the last few weeks and it’s not really going to let up until graduation, so here’s some pictures from my life in the last week or so. They’re all food because food is one thing that still has to happen no matter how busy I am.

A not-too-sweet muffin from a bakesale at school

I’ve been really, really digging salads lately!

A sandwich from a deli that more than exceeded my expectations…

So what if it’s from the freezer…it was delicious!

On Friday I finally got to have the famed Pita House for the first time…my boss brought falafel, pita bread, and hummus to work!

And today’s salad, half of which is still sitting in the fridge waiting to be eaten for lunch tomorrow. Time to sit on the couch with the Hubs and watch the Oscars!

February 14, 2011 / thevegmeg


Happy Valentine’s Day, blogfriends!!!

While I understand that Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday, THIS V-Day is pretty special to me.
Today is my parents’ 31st wedding anniversary.
Tomorrow is my grandparents’ 53rd wedding anniversary.
Tomorrow is also my grandma’s 73rd birthday.

Today, Alex and I have been married for exactly 6 months!

I started my day with a pink(ish) Valentine’s smoothie (banana, frozen strawberries, berry juice, almond milk, spinach) and coffee in my Forever And A Day mug. I always have a hard time deciding whether to drink my coffee or my smoothie — luckily, both were delicious!

I skipped my first class (chemistry) to catch up on homework for my accounting class, but it’s okay because it’s an elective. And because it’s senior semester. And because it’s Valentine’s Day! Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself…

Tonight Alex and I have a last-minute reservation at The Cazbah downtown. I’m super duper excited we got a reservation at all, we called so late! This week is the true start of my oh-man-there’s-no-time-for-anything season (I have two scenes due on Thursday!), so I’m trying to pretend that’s not real for the rest of today. :]

Have a great day, friends! What are your Valentine’s plans??

January 28, 2011 / thevegmeg


I sure am glad it’s the weekend…

Aren’t you? :]

This week has felt never-ending, and I’ve been pretty stressed the entire time, so I’m very happy to be relaxing at home with nothing to turn in tomorrow!

Last night I wasted precious homework time by taking my three-days-old-but-chipped-to-heck sparkly pink nail polish off and replacing it with my favorite bright blue. While I probably should have just used that time on that assignment I turned in a day late today, seeing this every time I looked down today sure helped keep me awake:

We’re kicking off the weekend with the first Furman improv troupe show of the year a little later tonight, followed by a hot vinyasa class for me in the morning. Hope you have some smiles and relaxation planned for your weekend!

January 14, 2011 / thevegmeg

Leftovers are the only lunch I want

So, I survived my trek across the frozen tundra that is campus, and even found my chemistry class without issue. Funny part of the morning: two guys walked into my chem class five minutes before it ended, apparently forgetting that you um, don’t walk into your classroom 15 minutes before your class starts if there’s already a class in there. That’s common knowledge, right?

Anyway, lunch was delicious: leftovers from last night’s dinner. Spaghetti with Newman’s Own Cabernet Marinara (my very favorite jarred pasta sauce), chickpeas, and a little shredded cheddar mixed in.

And some cinnamon apples

Yummy. I couldn’t eat the whole apple, though. Today’s afternoon snack will a serving-sized pouch of baby carrots sometime during or after work, and then I have absolutely no idea what dinner will be… Alex’s company is attending some fancy pants MLK weekend catered dinner tonight and I get to be his date. I’m told there’s definitely a vegetarian option of some sort. Here’s hoping it’s more than a side salad!

January 14, 2011 / thevegmeg

First day, first breakfast

Hello! Enough of the ice outside finally thawed and didn’t refreeze that I have class today. My last first day of class! And of course it’s Friday, and we have Monday off too, which means my sense of day and time won’t be back til at least the middle of next week. It’s cool.

I decided I need to start keeping track of the food I’m eating during the day because being home all day every day for break left me snacking pretty much constantly. So here’s the first installment… first day of class breakfast.

Store-brand whole wheat Cheerios, some kind of blueberry granola (it’s good), a banana, almond milk, and tons of cinnamon

And a mug of coffee I nearly choked to death on.

Well, it’s about time for me to get off my butt and get to class. My first class is Chemistry and the science complex is pretty much a creepy maze, so it might take me a while to find the right room… happy Friday!