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September 7, 2010 / thevegmeg


After a nice and fairly slow-paced long weekend, I knew I needed to fuel up in order to stay awake in all my classes today. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go into class at 8:30, which means hubs and I scramble around for about 45 minutes before rushing out the door. So while I have no pictures of my green monster from this morning to show you, rest assured that I got one blended quickly enough to pour it into a big plastic cup and slurp it down on the way to class. It was the same as it always is, and I don’t care. Strawberries, banana, spinach, flax, orange juice, almond milk. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken (especially right before an 8:30 math class).

I got to come home during my hour-and-a-half break between classes today, and I was craving a little more carbs to keep me awake, so I finally tried out sweet tater’s toppings-on-a-rice-cake technique. I had one brown rice cake topped with honey (!), cinnamon, and walnuts. Basically oatmeal without the oats. It was fantastic with a cup of earl gray (which I haven’t had in ages!)

mmm breakfast flavors

The rice cake definitely helped me last until my 2pm lunch break, but next time I’ll probably have two of them. Luckily I made my rice for lunch on my morning break (multi-tasker!) so I could eat lunch almost as soon as I could get in the door. Lunch was chickpeas in pasta sauce (are we sensing a theme here?) over brown rice. Oh, and some parm (always).

chickpeas are IT.

I came home, did a little catching up on my schedule, and then I…took a nap! It was glorious. I woke up starving, but I don’t want to have official dinner until Alex gets home later, so I thought I’d use up the near-empty jar of Justin’s chocolate almond butter I had waiting for me in my pantry. I bring you…Chocolate Raspberry Oats in a Jar!

1/3 c oats
3/4 c almond milk (I used unsweetened, but I wish I’d added some honey to it…)
Pinch salt
Cinnamon, to taste (I use a lot)
1 tbsp ground flax

Combine dry ingredients in a bowl; stir together. Stir in almond milk. Microwave on high for about 2 minutes. When it’s done, pour it into your empty-ish nut butter jar and top with whatever you like..


Mine was topped with a dollop of raspberry jam and half a Kashi oatmeal-flax-raisin cookie. It was FANTASTIC, which was good because the last time I had chocolate nut butter in oats I wasn’t very keen on it. I wish I’d made more than 1/3 a cup of oats…

Bye bye, lovely nut butter...


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