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September 17, 2010 / thevegmeg


At the beginning of this summer I went coffee-free. I’ve been doing this since I think my senior year of highschool, in which I was consuming so much caffeine on a regular basis it took me three weeks (and therefore three STEPS) to go completely off “the juice:” down to two cups a day, then one cup, then just a cup of black tea. It was that bad. And I lied about going coffee-free this summer – I did have an occasional cafe au lait during my internship, at which I could NEVER stay awake. Shh. Since then I’ve been digging green tea pretty regularly.

After my first week of classes this term (I have an 8:30am math class twice a week–it’s an ELECTIVE, too) I knew I’d need something a little stronger to keep me awake to learn about such riveting topics as set theory. but It’s taken me this long (we’re almost a month into the semester) to actually remember to BUY coffee. And of course I forgot to get decaf. Woops.

recipe for deliciousness!

Oh, and that’s the best picture you’ll get because I also keep forgetting to bring my camera up from the car…

Do you guys know about Newman’s Own? It’s an all organic brand of foods – for example, salad dressings, pasta sauces, pet food, and now COFFEE – that is sold in such fine establishments as Publix and Ingles. Which is great for us, because our nearest healthy food store is uh, half an hour across town, and at least right now we are the kind of people that go grocery shopping every other day or so. Not happenin’. So Newman’s Own (in conjunction with Publix’s Greenwise label) is awesome for us. Anyway they had this Newman’s Own French Roast at Publix this morning and it was even CHEAPER than the Publix brand stuff, so I bought it. It’s good, too. Mmm.

And Silk’s new almond milk instead of Almond Breeze – partially because I read a slightly alarmist article about carageenan yesterday and Silk’s doesn’t have carageenan, and partially because it was just cheaper. Can you see the key to my heart? Healthy + cheap = happy. And cinnamon because I want to pretend it’s fall. I am sure I’ll be buying pumpkin pie spice for my coffee soon…mmm. Fall. Pumpkins. Yes.


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  1. Liza / Sep 18 2010 12:16 pm

    I cannot believe this! I have been drinking the same mix in the morning for a couple of weeks now!! The only difference is the coffee brand (I have to find the Newman’s Own, that looks good!) and that I’m using Silk’s new Dark Chocolate Almond Milk along with cinnamon. It’s yummy!!

    We LaCasse ladies think alike!! : ) ♥

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