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September 19, 2010 / thevegmeg

saturday is amazing!

This morning Alex and I tried to wake up crazy early to go running. That didn’t happen. Instead we got up around 8 and were out on the Swamp Rabbit Trail by the leisurely hour of 9:30. We’re doing the Couch to 5k program (right now we’re on week 3), but on Saturdays we like to do the whole workout in one direction and then walk back to the car. We did about three and a half miles, total, and it felt awesome! The weather was perfect :]

We went grocery shopping for the week after that and while we were in Publix we got a text from Stew, Katie’s boyfriend, asking if we wanted to meet them for lunch. BLOGGER MEETUP! Heck yes! So we went home, showered, and met them at Barley’s, where I finally got to try a pumpkin beer.


We’ve hung out with Stew before, but neither of us had ever actually met Katie even though we both follow her blog, so we were excited!


We all shared their black bean hummus, which I’d never had (it was good, but then we got into a discussion about how it was the same color as oxidized meat…blagh), but STEW decided he needed to take a chunk out of it before Katie and I got our pictures of it. Booo.

Much tastier than oxidized meat.

I had the Jerk Tofu salad (so did Stew and Katie) and after I pulled all the raw onion off it was really good! The tofu was spicier than I expected but the PINEAPPLE was so good. But look how big those tomatoes are…what the heck? Stew’s salad had one that was “sliced” an INCH thick!

there's spinach under all that tomato

Then we all walked down to Coffee Underground where we got ripped of for a $3 bottle of water. Boo. Then we walked back and had to say goodbye to our Charlotte/Rock Thrill friends :[

Alex and I walked down to Spill the Beans so I could get an iced coffee, and then we sat around until his brother TJ picked us up and the three of us went to some art festival in West Greenville, where my mom-in-law Liza had two paintings hanging in her friends’ gallery! We even found a cool vintage furniture lady who we are pretty sure we’re gonna buy something from, soon.

It was a great day, but I am dirt tired now. I had a green monster (strawberry, banana, orange juice, spinach, almond milk) for dinner (mmmm) and now I think it’s time for sleep!


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