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September 20, 2010 / thevegmeg

Food SHOULD taste good!

I heard about Food Should Taste Good chips from a couple of places, and I was really itching to try them because I love crunchy snacks…but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I rarely go to healthy food stores such as Whole Foods or Earth Fare because they’re pretty far from where I live, so if it’s not in Publix, I probably won’t eat it.

But. Saturday I was at Publix looking for tortillas (they are in five different locations, by the way) and… THERE THEY WERE!

They had a little kiosk with several flavors, but the one that caught my eye first was, obviously, sweet potato.

I’m a bad blogger, so I’m taking the pictures today…when the bag is nearly empty (well, it’s empty now). This was the biggest chip left after Alex and I DEVOURED them on Saturday.

They have all these cute little suggestions for stuff to put on them on the back… as if they’d ever last that long.

They won’t. We had almost finished them by the time we got home from Publix. Oops. In our defense, we had just finished running and were starving. The story of Food Should Taste Good chips is right on the bag (or the website), but I think it also relates to the popular idea that healthy food = yucky food. So not true.

This food tastes AWESOME…and is made of real food!


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  1. Liza / Sep 21 2010 10:39 am

    Yum! I think I saw them at the Publix near us. I’ll have to try them. : )

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