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September 20, 2010 / thevegmeg

“Nectargreen” Monster

This weekend we went grocery shopping after a run and they had organic nectarines. I decided to get a couple because I keep seeing them around the internets and I’d never had one. Confession: before this week I always thought nectarines were related to oranges. I think it has something to do with how similar the word “nectarine” is to “tangerine.” Maybe. Right?

Anyway, I had half of it for a snack yesterday, and ooooh it was good. Like eating a peach but without the creepy mouthfeel of all that fuzz. Yes please. I saved the other half for my smoothie this morning and it’s deliccccious!

In the interest of transparency, I was really hurting for some health in a glass (okay, jar) this morning…last night on the way home from dinner with my family for my mom’s birthday (happy birthday, Mom! go get a massage!), after making two or three other errand stops, we got a dozen Hot and Now Krispy Kremes. We aren’t always great at self control. Of course, as we were eating them, John Tesh (on the radio, not hanging out in our car) started talking about diabetes. Thanks for the guilt trip, universe. I ate two of them in the car and as soon as I got in bed my stomach felt like DEATH. This reminds me of how last weekend we went to Waffle House where I ate way too much (none of it was green or fresh, either) and felt like death the rest of the day. I think what we can learn from this is that it’s okay to not eat perfectly all the time, but that you’ll probably be hurting from it…and that eating healthy, clean foods make you realize how bad the other stuff is for your body. Gosh.

In my favorite glass (jar), and organic French roast with cinnamon and almond milk….yum! I almost feel better from the doughnut overload..

Oh, and Hippo wanted me to show you her new favorite nap spot (aside from on my computer and in between Alex’s knees).

Ain’t she purdy?


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