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September 30, 2010 / thevegmeg

Food service

Today was my first day doing my service-learning project for the Education class I’m taking. I’m working in an after-school center for underprivileged kids; today I tutored for an hour as well, but I’ll mostly be helping with meal prep.

Dinner for the kids tonight was hot dogs (on white buns) with chili, potato chips, and applesauce, as well as birthday cake for one little girl’s birthday. While I’m glad they at least got a little fruit in there (and that the only drink available was water), it makes me sad…not a vegetable in sight. The only non-beige food was the ketchup.  And the chili on the dogs? It was just ground beef in a sauce. That’s it. I got to prep the meal by putting the hotdogs into buns and then topping them with chili, and it really made me feel sick. I’ve only been vegetarian for a few months, but my  newly-found “oh-my-gosh-it’s-meat-and-it’s-touching-me-get-it-away” reflex kicked in hardcore. And let’s not talk about what hotdogs floating in boiled-hotdog-water looks like.

After my two hours were up Alex and I went out for dinner and I ordered a house salad, but only if it has a lot of vegetables, please. I needed some chili dog-smell detox.

The salad in question did not have the veggies I was craving – it had a bunch of iceberg, just enough dark greens to trick you, probably about 1/8 of a red pepper, some chunks of tomato, and some cucumber. And it was covered in cheese, which I was not expecting/was not in the description. Still, though, it beat hotdogs. And since nobody offered to come over and clean my kitchen and make me millet with chickpeas, corn, broccoli, and zucchini, I took what I could get. :] Besides, my appetite was pretty much gone anyway.


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