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October 27, 2010 / thevegmeg

“Do you want to go to Asheville for lunch?”


The Sunday before my birthday, I asked Alex if we could go to Asheville for lunch after church. He said uhh… I said okay, let’s definitely do it next week for my birthday, then.

Then my birthday came around and I was deathly ill. Woops.

So the week after my birthday we went to Asheville with Katie and Stew and…had dinner. Not lunch. Guess we’ll have to make another trip soon. Darn. First, though, we went to Skytop Apple Orchard…

After church Alex and I hit up the Whole Foods hot bar before we met up with Katie and Stew.

Chicken-fried tofu, mac and cheese (wedding food!), grilled asparagus, cantaloupe with vegan chocolate mousse and granola, and some greens.

I have found that the only way to not spend $15 just for me at the hot bar is to fill one of my plate sections with something essentially weightless. Greens it is.

We all piled into Stew’s car for the drive and..were introduced to The Swan. I held the Swan for most of the drive up to Skytop.

I have no pictures from Skytop. Which is okay, because there were NO APPLES to be picked. At all. Not one. We bought a half peck of some apples (which Hippo keeps nuzzling–what on earth?), a big jar of apple butter, and a little jar of peach butter.

We walked around Asheville for a little while, still digesting off our lunch, and then we headed to…

Laughing Seed Cafe. My new favorite restaurant.

Everything on the menu is vegetarian. We could eat anything we wanted off the entire menu. FANTASTIC. Greenville needs some places like this.

We shared a tasty bottle of cab sav.

For appetizers I split the artichoke dip with Alex and had a bowl of Green Goddess soup. Oh my gosh, this dip is AMAZING. I could’ve eaten it as my entree.

The soup was gooood, and even better was not having to worry about there being chicken stock or bacon in it!

For my entree I got the mushroom enchiladas. It sounded good but was hellaciously spicy. Even the feta cheese on top was spicy! No thanks.

Alex traded with me and let me have half of his vegetarian reuben. It was amazing. Probably what I’m getting next time.

Stew’s falafel pita was oozing this pink goo, which I think was from purple cabbage. I thought it looked a little more like makeup than food!

When we were done, our waitress thoroughly confused us by not asking if we wanted the check split. I guess we looked like we were all four of us “together?” I don’t know. When we finally got it sorted out we…walked around Asheville some more!

And tried to go into the French Broad Food Coop, but it was closed…even though the OPEN sign was lit.

We ended up at a little café where I got baklava, which was so hard it was impossible to eat, and an earl grey. Yum.

Asheville is Yum.



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  1. sweettater / Oct 27 2010 10:44 pm

    let’s do this again. but without the driving. and plus apples.

    • thevegmeg / Oct 27 2010 10:56 pm

      we can definitely drive next time. also, can “again” mean “tomorrow?” because my heart is aching for that reuben. i need it.

  2. Liza / Oct 28 2010 6:40 am

    The vegetarian reuben and the green goddess soup sound great! If Bill and I ever make it up to Asheville we’ll have to look them up. You’re right… Greenville needs more places like that! : )

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