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November 3, 2010 / thevegmeg

Campus food

Yesterday I was stranded on campus for 13 hours straight with no car, and we didn’t buy groceries for the week yet and I had nothing to bring for lunch on dinner. I could’ve gone to the on-campus Moe’s, but I kind of wore it out when they first came to campus and I don’t like having to pay an extra dollar just for some grilled veggies on my streaker burrito, and I didn’t want a cold sandwich from the deli. So, to the dining hall I went.

In the last two years the DH has seriously upped the ante as far as offering a lot more vegetables, as well as having several things dedicated to vegetarians at each meal. However, that doesn’t change the fact that on my walk from the theatre to the DH, all I wanted was fries.

They didn’t have fries but I still did get my potato fix…

Lunch was roasted potatoes, corn, and “vegetarian vegetable” soup. I stirred the corn into the soup, and I was going to get some beans off of the salad bar to stir in, too, but on closer inspection it already had tons of chickpeas and black eyed peas! Yay, legumes! What you don’t see is the pile of steamed baby carrots I devoured on my walk to my table…oops. The soup was super hearty and I was only able to eat half of it. I also had two sugar cookies, which is the downfall of the DH. DH cookies are impossible to avoid. PS –  that’s unsweet tea!

I had a huge break after my lunch (lunch was at 2, I didn’t have to be anywhere til 7) so I got caught up on some stage management stuff (we open a week from tomorrow!!!!) and then I went for a 2-mile run around campus. It was my first time running alone in a long time. I took about 5 minutes of walking breaks, total, and my pace was about even with what I ran at the 5k Saturday – which means when I was running, I was running a good bit faster!

After my run I met up with some other theatre majors and we all went back to the DH together. One of my friends swiped me a guest pass so I wouldn’t have to spend another $9 on nine-dollars-are-you-serious food. One of my dinner companions is another vegetarian, who had a big salad (with scrambled eggs in it…), and the other two had breakfast burritos chock full of bacon and sausage, ha.

I had a big salad (of which I only ate half – ugh) with spinach, other greens, shredded carrots, chickpeas, cucumbers, and balsamic, some steamed green beans (which I devoured the way I ate my lunch carrots) and two pieces of whole-wheat vegetable pizza…and a chocolate chip cookie. Yum.

Final verdict? Not bad at all, although I know that the novelty of DH food would wear off if I ate there all the time like I used to, and I’d end up eating a lot of pizza-and-salad dinners.


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