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November 25, 2010 / thevegmeg


I started my holiday with a 75-minute session of Thanksgiving Hot Yoga with my friend Kelly! It was awesome. My wrists are already getting so, so much stronger. I managed to do Crow (!!!) and jump my feet forward from Down Dog (!!!) aaaand I only rested in Child’s Pose like TWICE!(!!!!) I’m so grateful that deal I got existed–yoga is doing wonderful things for me.

I made Jenna’s maple pecan bites and Susan’s asparagus and chickpea casserole. The casserole came out a little soggy, which I think is because the maple bites (which I made first) came out a little too dry, even after only the low end of cooking time (blast my oven), so I turned the oven down a little and was really cautious with the cooking time for the casserole…and I forgot that I used slightly less veggies than it called for, but the same amount of liquid. Oops. Will try again.

We had dinner at my parents’ house, and then stopped by Alex’s parents’ later in the evening for dessert and hangout time. My plate:

Biscuit, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potato casserole (my Grandma’s), my asparagus/chickpea casserole, cranberry sauce. Nom. (Fancy china, eh? My mom got them on E-bay!)

This was our first holiday as a married couple (we didn’t count Halloween because we didn’t change out of our pajamas or leave the house at all that day, hah!) and it was really exciting. Now I’m super excited for Christmas!

And…so are my neighbors!

I don’t mean to bore you with another “I’m thankful for…” post, but I really am so thankful for so many things, so here’s just a selection:

My amazing God. My wonderful, caring, loving, supportive husband. My family and in-laws, without whom I literally would not have accomplished everything I have done this year. My pets, Hippo and Achilles, who seriously brighten up my life. All the friends in my life – both new ones and old ones I’m rekindling my relationships with. My body, its ability to keep up with the challenges I present it with, and my ability to choose what I feed it with. Sleeping, cuddling with the hubs and the pets, yoga, running, hot showers, soy lattes, and pulling fresh baked goods out of the oven are way up there, too.

Happy Thanksgiving! Next year I want to run a Turkey Trot!


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  1. Liza / Nov 26 2010 12:18 pm

    Did I mention yesterday that we are so tremendously grateful for you!!!! : ) ♥ WE ARE!!! ♥

    I’m trying that casserole recipe. It looks yummy! : )

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