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December 1, 2010 / thevegmeg


In the season of one of the most important holidays of my faith (hi, Jesus. I’m really, really glad and thankful You were born.), I’ve decided to follow the lead of a couple bloggers I adore and respect in new “Advent” traditions.

The first is Sarah’s One Hundred Joys projet. Will you join us? I’ve made the choice (because Joy is a choice, and one I don’t make often enough) during the 25 days leading up to Christmas to choose joy. To find, in my every day life, at least 100 things that give me joy, things that are small (or large!) joys in my life. I’ll be blogging and tweeting these (hashtag #100joys) every day. Today is day one, and here are three of my joys so far:

1. Today I sent in my last difficult paper of the semester. It felt so, so, so good to get that weight off me. Joy! Freedom is soon!


Sparkly pink toes! For pretty much the entire past year I haven’t painted my toenails anything other than tealish-blue. I really like my blue, but it was time for a change. I got this pink right before the wedding (to help me get a spend-this-much-get-this-for-free package at Ulta) and hadn’t used it yet. I like it!

3. My pretty new Camelbak:

Which leads me to…

The second new Advent tradition I’m trying out is Katie’s 25 Days of Yoga. Basically, I’m going to go to as many yoga classes as possible (and since I have 14 classes to use before the new year, including the class I’m doing tonight, I need to do this anyway) in December and on off-days, I’m going to commit to at least doing a small daily stretch routine and a few sun salutations to keep my body going. I’ve been to six hot yoga classes at Southern Om so far since the beginning of November, and they are already doing amazing things to my body. I’m losing weight. My muscles are getting visibly more toned. My wrists are getting (a lot) stronger (already!!!). And then there’s the benefit of how awesome I feel when I manage to get a pose like Bird of Paradise or Crow down. And of course the peacefulness yoga helps me feel.


What does my new waterbottle have to do with 25 days of yoga? Katie is hosting a fundraiser for The Water Project which provides safe drinking water to places in the world who need it. I bought this bottle Sunday night using $10 worth of Amazon giftcards (which I won on Swagbucks). I had to pay $2.73 for it, and that seemed like no big deal even though my bank account isn’t as cushy as I’d like it to be (but whose is, really?). That same day, though, I said to myself, “I’ll wait until payday to donate the $2 Katie’s asking for.” Dumb. I can spend $3 on myself and at the same time refuse to spend $2 on someone else who needs it way more? Heck no. So I’m making a donation today to Katie’s fund. I admit, it’s partially out of guilt, but if that’s what it takes to learn not to be a crappy person, I’m okay with it.

Will you join me in some yoga and some joy?



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  1. sweettater / Dec 1 2010 4:01 pm

    haha, a crappy person you are not.

    thanks for donating! enjoy the yogaaaaaaa

  2. Liza / Dec 2 2010 1:57 am

    Let’s see… things that bring me joy….
    Alex, Meg, TJ, Timarie, Aubri, Jared.
    Bill… of course.♥
    Water! I spent 40 minutes doing my own version of my water aerobics class at the Y on Cleveland St. (The pool at the Taylors Y is closed till next week.) I felt awesome!
    Experimental Cooking! I made up a quick stew this morning with red potatoes, garbanzo beans, onions, escarole, spinach, baby carrots and vegan chorizo. No recipe…just threw it all in the crockpot with about 24oz of vegetable broth and lots of spices. Everyone loved it! : ) ♥
    I’m planning on getting back to my Kundalini Yoga in the morning. : ) ♥

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