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December 21, 2010 / thevegmeg

Yoga challenge…

Today I had signed up for a 10am Bikram-style class at my studio. Normally I attend the vinyasa style classes, which are only heated to 85 degrees, but I really need to try the 105 degree-Bikram style. So when I got home from taking the Hub in I ate a banana and got ready to leave. And then I chickened out and changed my reservation to the 12pm flow-style “Power Hour” class with my favorite teacher. It’s still something new, but not nearly as scary. My body’s been feeling kind of weak and dumb the past few days so I’m going to give it a little time to get back to normal before I thrust it into a 105 degree room. Plus I’ve been awful at hydrating lately, so I’m going to work on that first. So, with two extra hours to go until I needed to leave, I made a teeny tiny bowl of oatmeal.

So, if you’re like me, you signed yourself up to do Katie’s 25-days-of-yoga challenge and then realized that it’s the end of the semester, you’re buried in work, and you’re too tired to go to yoga. And you try to do yoga at home, but you fumble through it and feel kind of dumb. Okay, maybe I’m only talking about myself, but anyways the last 21 days have included a grand total of five days of yoga, only one of which was at home – and that one lasted for about thirty minutes. Sometimes our goals for ourselves don’t work out because of circumstances – something I’ll be expanding on in the next week or two – and we need to change the goal. With that in mind, I present to you…

the Ten Days of Yoga Challenge!

What’s that? Only ten days? That seems kind….lax.

Well, today is the 21st of December, and I have 10 classes of yoga at my studio that expire on the 31st. My studio is closed for Christmas (as it should be), so that leaves me a total of ten possible days to use my ten classes up. I only lose a dollar for each class I don’t attend, but I’m kind of a cheapskate, so I’d like to use them all up. I don’t really have anything else going on until almost mid-January so there aren’t really any excuses to not go. I know some of you maybe go to yoga almost every day already (you’re crazy), but the most I’ve ever gone is about 3 or 4 times a week, for one or two weeks..this is going to be intense for me. I hope I don’t die of dehydration.

Oh yeah, I’ll also be running three to four times a week throughout this period of yoga madness, which means on about half of my yoga days I’ll be doing two workouts. If I get through this I’ll be amazed at myself. If you see me, tell me to go drink some water.

Tonight is the Christmas party for Hub’s office, and we’re going to a restaurant downtown that’s known for its steak. We’ve been assured there will be vegetarian and vegan options available, so let’s hope it’s more than just a pile of side dishes…not that I mind side dishes. Potatoes? Happy tummy. Time to clean up the kitchen and go off to day one of yogatime!


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  1. Liza / Dec 22 2010 8:29 am

    Drink your water! : ) ♥

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