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December 25, 2010 / thevegmeg

Our first Christmas!

Hello, and a very happy Christmas to you! This was Alex’s and my first season of holidays as man-and-wife, and it’s been a very exciting, joyful time for us. And stressful, but mostly happy.

We started yesterday with about 18 presents under our tree — some of them had to be hidden from the pets, though (namely, the pets’ presents!) — and it made maneuvering through our tiny apartment a little difficult. We were very happy to take six of them over to Alex’s parents’ house last night for Noche Buena dinner!

We had Cuban food, including black beans (which mom-in-law and I decided at last minute to turn into more of a chili, with the addition of peppers, onions, carrots, and tomatoes!), rice, pork (none for me of course), and tostones! Tostones, if you’ve never had one, are green plantains, sliced about an inch thick, fried in oil til golden, then smashed and fried a second time until crisp. They are amazing, and I got to take over the production of them – yum! I’ve got no pictures of dinner (my camera doesn’t do well in low-light, at all) but it was delicious. After the massive amounts of m&ms and crisp rice treats I prefaced dinner with, I had zero appetite for actual dessert — Alex’s mom’s traditional almond cookies, fudge, or his uncle Jules’ famous “Chewy Cake.” But we got to take some home in a cute Christmas tin!

We started Christmas morning with chewy cake and almond cookies for breakfast! It’s not often we do that and it was fun and holiday-ish. Then we packed up the car again for dinner with my family. We’re lucky enough to live within thirty minutes of all of our family except for some extended family members, so we do holidays with both. We only brought three presents this time (my family is much smaller than Alex’s) and again, no pictures of dinner. Oops.

I did, however, manage to give my grandparents a gift which I had received one of the night before…. a JUICER! We got them theirs with the hopes we’d be receiving one from Alex’s parents, and they did not disappoint! So when we got home tonight, it was time to set it up and get to work on the tangerines in “my” stocking from my parents’ house!

Ingredients: two tangerines.

I had five, but I didn’t want to use them all in case I didn’t like it… and I wasn’t really sure how much juice they’d produce, either.

Peeled, sectioned (roughly), and into the juicer they go. Whirrrrrrr…

…and out comes fresh juice! Only a little juice, but that was fine. This was just to get my “I WANT TO PLAY WITH MY NEW TOY!” shakes out :] Verdict: Yum, although there was a little tangerine “kick” I’d like to try cutting with something else.


Some more highlights from the gifts I received, other than the juicer, are…

…a Lululemon Yogitoes towel from Alex!!, a new super-heavy, oven-proof, super-high-sides skillet from my Gramma (definitely the nicest pan I own), a VACUUM CLEANER! (so now I can give my old roommate Aly hers back!) from Alex’s parents/grandfather, these cute and easy-to-detach-from-each-other measuring spoons also from my Gramma which I actually squealed over when I unwrapped them:

…And three pairs of teal earrings.

Guess you can tell what my favorite color is, huh? :]

Now I’m sitting on the couch next to Achilles, who is sleeping in his Christmas present (a new fuzzywuzzy bed), chomping on some Christmas snacks – almond cookies with a little blueberry pie filling – and hoping Alex will go out and play in the snow that’s been falling since 2 o’clock this afternoon! Yay, our First Christmas is a White Christmas!

Hope you all have had as merry a Christmas as we’ve had, and that you feel even a fraction as blessed as I do. Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!



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  1. Liza / Dec 26 2010 7:50 am

    Happy Christmas Baby Girl! : ) ♥

  2. Tori @ / Dec 29 2010 8:08 pm

    Love the Xmas wrapping!!!

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