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January 28, 2011 / thevegmeg


I sure am glad it’s the weekend…

Aren’t you? :]

This week has felt never-ending, and I’ve been pretty stressed the entire time, so I’m very happy to be relaxing at home with nothing to turn in tomorrow!

Last night I wasted precious homework time by taking my three-days-old-but-chipped-to-heck sparkly pink nail polish off and replacing it with my favorite bright blue. While I probably should have just used that time on that assignment I turned in a day late today, seeing this every time I looked down today sure helped keep me awake:

We’re kicking off the weekend with the first Furman improv troupe show of the year a little later tonight, followed by a hot vinyasa class for me in the morning. Hope you have some smiles and relaxation planned for your weekend!


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  1. happytalesblog / Feb 3 2011 1:06 am

    Oh hello, beautiful blue nails… and *helloooo* beautiful wedding ring!!!

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